Shellac – Dude Incredible

Es ist also endlich soweit. Ich hatte das neue Album von Shellac jetzt schon vierhundert mal hier angekündigt, weil auch Steve Albini das immer mal wieder hat verlautbaren lassen, dass bald jetzt wirklich mal echt jetzt das neue Album erscheint.

Die letzten Monate dachte ich noch, das kommt wohl doch nicht mehr in dieser Dekade, aber man höre und staune…Shellac hat eine Pressemitteilung rausgehauen, die vor Euphorie und Verspieltheit nur so strotzt.

Dieses affengeile Album erscheint im September natürlich wieder auf Touch and Go und man kann sich das schicke Teil auch jetzt schon für läppische 21$ vorbestellen.
Hier die aufrichtig hochemotionale Ankündigung des fünften Albums der drei genialen Musiker aus Chicago nach dem Sprung…



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Side A

Dude Incredible / Compliant / You Came In Me / Riding Bikes

Side B

All The Surveyors / The People’s Microphone / Gary / Mayor/Surveyor / Surveyor


Steve Albini ◊ Guitar

Todd Trainer ◊ Drums

Bob Weston ◊ Bass


This is Shellac’s fifth LP. Recording took place sporadically over the past few years at Steve’s ELECTRICAL AUDIO studios in Chicago. The record was mastered by Steve Rooke at ABBEY ROAD. There is no comma in 'Dude Incredible'; like Sir Duke or King Friday, for example.


Both the CD and LP version of Dude Incredible come packaged in a chipboard album jacket with two high gloss, full color monkeys on the front cover. The LP includes a CD of the full album.


Audio quality is paramount, as always, with Shellac. The LP was mastered entirely in the analog domain, using the DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) process. The LPs are being manufactured at RTI in Camarillo, CA, using their HQ-180 system. The pressings are 180 gram audiophile quality.


Other than the informational sheet you hold in your hand (or virtual hand), this record will have no formal promotion. There will be no advertisements, no press or radio promotion, no e-promotion, no promotional or review copies, no promotional gimmick items, and otherwise no free lunch.


The band will continue to play shows or tour at the same sporadic and relaxed pace as always. There is no correlation between shows and record releases.


Dude Incredible will be available for digital download purchases in formats including full-bandwidth 24-bit files.There you have it.

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