MFK – Punk Rock Radio

Hier könnt Ihr die Sendung von Sonntag nochmals nachhören. Immer und immer wieder. Die Playlist des Abends findet Ihr nach dem Sprung. Viel Vergnügen – wir hatten Spaß. Danke ans Hochschulradio und vor allem an Sebastian!

Big Eyes – Back From The Moon
City Mouse – One Good Night
Buzzorhowl – Fuel
Obits – This City Is Dead
Sleaford Mods – Dead Cities
Dicks – These Cities Are Burning
Feral Trash – Deserter
Pinhead Gunpowder – Second Street
Riverboat Gamblers – A Repitition Of Mistakes
Dead – Check The Exits
Trainwreck – Time Erases Everything
VAZ – No Woman / No Cry
Channels – Chivaree
Final Club – Tragic World
W.H. Walker – Dream Lover
Chip Hanna – The Way We Were
East Cameron Folk Core – Sheep Staring At A Gun
Drag The River – Wichita Skyline
Shittlers – Cordon Sport Massenmord Feat. Antilopengang
Gedrängel – Ja Ja Ja
Frau Potz – Lä Lü
Komplikations – Sans Sentiments
Dagger Eyes – Drifting
The Estranged – Forever Been Erased
Beastmilk – Love In A Cold World
Crusades – True Transport Of Intrepid Souls
Night Marchers – Big In Germany
Brat Farrar – It’s On Me
Chemicals – Chemical Burn
Urinals – Ack Ack Ack
Autistic Youth – Graves
Kids Insane – Frustrated
Off With Their Heads – Night Life
Menzingers – Burn After Writing
Pascow – Unten Am Fluss
Antitainment – Revolution Heißt Zu Tun Was Man Will
Peng Peng – Peng Peng
Cyanide Pills – Cheap And Nasty
Modern Pets – Killing Sounds For Rotten People
Toys That Kill – They Tied Up All Our Laces
Nirvana – Breed
Nü Sensae – Sleeping Blouse
California X – Curse Of The Nightmare
Pale Angels – Wasted On You
Shitty Limits – Hard Wired
Audacity – Cold Rush
Sunpower – Concrete Blues
Kurt Vile – Walkin On A Pretty Day
Tim Vantol – Broken Mirror
Chuck Ragan – Not Superstitious
Sonic Avenues – Automatic
Needles//Pins – Drop It
Red City Radio – Show Me On The Doll Where The Music Touched You
RVIVR – Wrong Way / One Way
Banquets – Little Shallow
Big Ups – Goes Black
Death – Politicians In My Eyes
Peter & The Test Tube Babies – September Part II
The Ergs! – Introducing Morrissey
Naked Raygun – The Promise
Wire – I Am The Fly

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